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MetroMalla® is a creative self-developer and wire, sheet and fiber transformer, modeled for fabrication and distribution of meshes, fences, gabion, posts, gates, reinforcements, protectors, bulkheads, pergolas, structures for housing use, storage, temples, commerce, insulating panels thermobreak type among others, for wholesale and retail type in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico for North America and Central America.


1. Our own creative development and our knowledge on protecting goods.

2. Steel rusts when making contact with oxygen and humidity of air, to prolong the span of the asset since 2015 we use four out of five phases of protection from corrosion by oxidation as in a special steel alloy. We add passivation in the surface, and layers of thermoset polymers with aggregate chemical particles, namely a superior system for increasing the duration of the asset.

What makes us different?




MetroMalla® Is a creative fabricant and transformer of steel wires and sheets for residential, commercial and industrial use, we sell meshes, fences, borders, gabions, doors, gates, protectors, posts, bulkheads, pergolas, reinforcements, structures for housing use, storage, temples, commerce, bathrooms, lockers, trailers and more. As well as insulating panels with the “thermobreak” system, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, we operate with retail and wholesales from North America to Central America.

Manage the MetroMalla® brand region by region in Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Our skills are focused on the massive insight of each area, barrage of media, strict logistics in the supplies and finally a established point, distributors are commissioned respecting the distribution channel with excellent relations for long-term.



  • ATTACHMENT: To progress with love to the family, the fellow men and the homeland.

  • HONESTY: Live without corruption encouraging the cultural values, spiritual and moral.

  • TEAMWORK: Every member of the MetroMalla® family does their tasks independently, but not responsible for the totality of the results.

  • SAFETY: In MetroMalla® security is first for the workers for any projects. The safety is within the processes and for the people.

  • ENVIRONMENT: Eliminate pollution, reduce solar radiation, increase the urban reforestation.

  • DELIVERY TIME: Time is money. Respect the commitments.

  • QUALITY: Control and secure that the products to fulfill with accurate specification.

  • INNOVATION: Apply the continuing upgrade in permanent and motivational manner.

  • CLIENTS: The products should be aimed to the client’s satisfaction.

  • RESPONSABLILITY: Comply with the commitments and obligations above anything else.

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